Friday, March 12, 2010

A Hearty Welcome

On behalf of The Scribble Group I would like to extend a warm welcome.

Let me briefly introduce our group to you. We are a group of Canadian artists, artisans and crafters who met on an etsy forum thread. Funny thing about our group, for such a creative and talented bunch, we had many, many creative hang-ups. Last summer, one of the members, the ever-wise and multi-talented Emmarts proposed an art project. We were put in groups of three. Each person was to doodle three pictures. The piece would then be mailed to the second and then the third members to be coloured with a medium of choice and collaged.

As our doodles, criss-crossed the country we learned to set aside our fears and misgivings about trying new art methods. This was the whole endeavour of the project: "The concept is to practise the art of being creative while letting go of preconceived thoughts and barriers of what art 'should' look like. Art for arts’ sake."

The suggestion was also raised that our doodles, once completed, be sold on etsy and the monies raised would be sent to charities chosen by the members. TheScribbleGroup shop was thus born.

Continuing to break down our barriers and creative insecurties, we have recently completed our second project and are beginning a third. Details on both of these will follow in the days to come, so do please stay tuned. As well, I hope you will come back to meet some of the wonderful members of the group.

Thanks for stopping by today.

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  1. great idea to blog about the group and the wonderful works it produces for charitable causes. i am very happy to have the privilege of being part of the scribble group.

    thanks to willowcatstudios for taking care of the shop for the first year. and now stringmealong takes the controls - we can already see her talented touches emerging. thanks, string.