Monday, March 15, 2010

Emmarts and "Just Letting Go"

It was Gabriele of Emmarts that first proposed the scribble project. I have to admit to being a little envious of her freedom of creative expression. I tend to play my creative cards close to my chest. I'm learning to let go, and Gabriele has been a great mentor in this respect.

I asked Gabriele to explain a bit about her creative process, which largely is about not limiting yourself and opening yourself up to the concept of total abandon.

"(It's) playing around with stuff - doing scribbles, stirring in water colours, sorting handmade papers or gorgeous textiles....anything 'speaking' to your senses.
The senses then will overtake, pushing away the brain part more and more.
It brings me in a certain mood and going from playing to working happens without a gap in between.
Sometimes music can be a support, sometimes I prefer the silence or just the singing of the birds outside.
Having materials handy is important, see it as similar thing to mis en place in the kitchen."

Her advice to others who want to get in touch with their creative side is exactly what she attempted to instill in our group:

For people who fear to be creative, doodling is a great tip.
Danny Gregory's blog comes to my mind
He quoted Miles Davis "Do not fear mistakes. There are none."
That went very deep - it could help others, too.
You know - art has no rules or borders at all! Well, you shouldn't mix certain chemicals wildly......but other than that, you are free to do what you want. Dance a little, shake your bones and muscles....that should get rid of bowing, bending and obeying. Make them flexible again, feel the adventurous seed germinating in your stomach? Great! Let it grow, it's good for you. No excuses anymore. :-)
If you don't do it, it's not there. Not positive. Dare to be yourself.

Some of us need to dig deeper to find out inner artist. When I asked Emmarts about how she found hers, her response was both inspiring and surprising:

"There was no discovery. I just don't know myself differently.
But I remember my mother saying "I sat her down on a blanket or into the sandbox and she was so happy for a couple of hours, totally content with everything, creating little things or sandy cakes in a row, designing landscapes...."
Well, who knew about autism back then in the 50s?!
At the age of 42 I discovered that I'm synesthetic. I always had assumed that everyone sees the number 5 in green and an A in red and sees what people say, in front of him/her. So much easier to learn poems and stuff in school......
It was a shock to suddenly read about this. It explained many misunderstandings in hindsight but made me totally happy. Gave me the feeling to coming home."

So perhaps, letting go is mainly about letting yourself be. Embrace yourself - set aside pre-conceived notions about who you or others think you should be. Open your eyes to the world, open yourself to your senses and give your inner artist the opportunity to expose herself at last.

Find Garbriele on etsy at:
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  1. i love emmart's work and her encouragement to anyone willing to listen, too. this is an insightful article - fun to learn even more about emmarts.

  2. I completely agree with Gabriele.
    Cheers to zero rules and regulations in art.

  3. Such an inspiring interview. Thanks for this. It was so great to read.