Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Great Rip-Off

The Scribble Group is proud to present our second completed project. The Great Rip-Off Project was initiated by Jenn of crazybliss. The idea of this project was to team participants up into sets of two. Each participant would find an item in the other's shop and taking inspiration from that item, recreate it in the medium of their choice.

So this jelly from BovineBubbles for example,

became this charming painting from ScowlingOwl.

Proceeds from the sales of items from this project are being donated to the Nelson House, a women's shelter in Ottawa. Already, we have had great success with sales from this project, and $90 has been donated.

I asked Jenn why she chose the Nelson House as the recipient for these funds, and she told me:

"I chose it to be the recipient of our charitable donations through selling on TheScribbleGroup because someone we know needed help during a time of crisis, and Nelson House was there for her and for her small child. Nelson House kindly offered temporary shelter, provided counselling services and assisted her as she set out to establish her own independent home. Their non-judgmental approach and the tremendous scope of kindness and giving were impressive. Seeing the results first hand gave me the desire to play a small part in the world of good they are doing. Thanks again to everyone who participated and made this project great!"

Please read on to learn a little more about Jenn at CrazyBliss and to view her two contributions to the project.

I have always been an artist in mind and spirit and my creativity was nurtured by my wonderful mother my whole life. I was given the opportunity to try most any medium and from there, honed my talents. It was not until I started showing my work online and in gallery settings that I considered myself an artist. I believe artist is a title given to you by others and I feel I have grown into the role over the last 10 years.

Right now I spend most of my time in Crazy Bliss land creating new products, working on my website and store and generally being inspired. I use a lot of my "free" time to work on other pieces of art that use other skills I've collected over the years such as hat-making, sculpting, journaling and multi-media design. I can be found making something more often than not though.

Remember to visit our shop. Thanks for visiting.

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  1. I love learning a bit more about all the people I've met through this group:)

    Thanks for sharing.